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Environmental Water Treatment

Is there really enough water on Earth?


Water Footprint, is a concept to describe personal water consumption. It is a widely known fact the water is a finite resource. Unfortunately in the developed world we have taken water for granted as it is provided to us instantly through water fountains, baths, wash hand basins and even ornamental fountains and manmade ponds. Since fresh water makes up only a fraction of all the water on Earth it is a resource we cannot afford to squander.


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Waste Water Solutions - Where to use it



Food and beverage, cosmetics, landfills, manure processing, bio-fertilizer manufacturer, petro-chemical, mining and metallurgical industries, and hospitals.


Commercial Buildings


Resorts, casinos, hotels, rest areas, mountain refuge, parks, office buildings, factory utilities, restaurants, shopping malls, airports, train stations.


Residential Buildings


Small housing developments, isolated communities, apartment complex.


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