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Environmental Water Treatment

There’s plenty of water on Earth


Water Footprint, is a concept to describe personal water

consumption. It is a widely known fact the water is a finite resource. Unfortunately in the developed world we have taken water for granted as it is provided to us instantly through water fountains, baths, wash hand basins and even ornamental fountains and manmade ponds. Since fresh water makes up only a fraction of all the water on Earth it is a resource we cannot afford to squander.


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Waste Water Solutions - How does it work?

Biological Process


During the biological waste water treatment process, organics and  nutrients, even soluble, are tunred into caron doxide, nitrogen gas, water and biomass.


Membrane Filtration


Clean water is separated from the biomass by membrane filtration. the membrane is a physical barrier, securing treated water without micro-organism or particulate matter. pressure for the filtration is created either by a slight vacuum or by a gravity head.


 membrane filtration