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Environmental Water Treatment

Is there really enough water on Earth?


Water Footprint, is a concept to describe personal water consumption. It is a widely known fact the water is a finite resource. Unfortunately in the developed world we have taken water for granted as it is provided to us instantly through water fountains, baths, wash hand basins and even ornamental fountains and manmade ponds. Since fresh water makes up only a fraction of all the water on Earth it is a resource we cannot afford to squander.


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Benefits of EVAC Solutions

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The Evac solution offers numerous benefits for building designers, contractors and associated professionals as well as building owners and managers. The key benefits for building owners, buildings and supermarkets are as follows:


Benefits for building owners:

  • less water required (only 1.2 liters per flush) – savings in water costs
  • less need for fresh water production and water treatment and storage
  • increased planning options
  • increased hygiene and better air movement in sanitary facilities
  • no need for piping ventilation
  • Benefits for buildings designers:

  • increased design flexibility
  • no requirement for soil stacks or vents
  • pipes can be routed over and around obstacles
  • manufactured to European Standard ISO 9001, with BBA Certificate
  • enables designers to earn LEED points for new building
  • Benefits for supermarkets:

  • flexible design
  • easy adjustment of future store plans
  • short construction schedules with minimum customer disruption
  • no concrete and tile work when relocating or adding display cases
  • lower costs compared to under slab gravity waste piping
  • no blocked drains and odors from under slab waste piping
  • quick and easy last minute floor plan adjustments
  • safe, reliable and easily maintained waste collection system

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