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Galpharm Stadium Huddersfield


 This is a multi purpose stadium built in 1992 which is shared by the local football and rugby teams. The stadium can hold up to 25,000 people. The north stand also includes a leisure complex. All the the drainage in this stand and the leisure complex is on the Evac Vacuum Drainage System. The main interest to the customer was a toilet that only used 1 1/2 litres per flush, as this building was awarded the Royal Institute of British Architects Building of the Year for Conservation.


 Mont Blanc


Mont Blanc - The "Gouter"


 The "Gouter" is the new highest refuge in France at 3,825m in the Alps, the route most frequented by climbers around the world to reach the roof of Europe. The actual refuge will leave room for a new building and innovative Green, with a capacity of 120 people by summer 2012. The project is a real human, technical and environmental challenge.


Numerous constraints needed to be overcome including limited water supply, space and Zero Discharge requirements. In addition, the refuge has a seasonal traffic, climate is extreme (300km/h wind and everlasting snow) and access is particulary limited. Evac was able to provide complete solution with water saving features, water reuse and very high pollutants removal efficiency