The redevelopment of St. Pancras required preservation of the historical nature of the building while providing the most modern up-to-date facilities for its users.


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Waitrose required new customer toilets and washroom facilities when they extended the major stores.
The vacuum drainage system turned out to be a fast and efficient solution





European Vacuum Drainage Systems

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Special Building Applications

Brewery Romford

Romford Brewery


Romford Brewery is a huge shopping complex in the center of Romford with shopping outlets on the ground floor and leisure and restaurant outlets on the two upper floors. The two upper floors are completely drained by Evac vacuum drainage system. A vacuum systems was used as the tenants on the ground floor stipulated that no services from the upper floors should pass through their area.

Great Eastern Hotel London

Great Eastern Hotel, London


 The Great Eastern Hotel was originally built in the 1800s and was once the flagshup hotel of the Great Eastern Railway Company, but over the years the hotel fell into disrepair. Many of the areas in the hotel are listed as being of architechtural interest, and the flexibility of the vacuum system enabled the designers to route drainage runs around these areas without extensive and costly building works.



Temple Mills


Temple Mills is the site of the £402 million

mainteance depot for all Eurostar trains in the U.K.It is located near Stratford International and on the edge of the Olympic Park. The depot opened in 2007 to coincide with the opening of the new internationalterminal at St Pancras railway station.

Alongside the rails tracks are over 20 underground sumps that collect groundwater and water from the trains. As the depot is over 450 metres long, draining these sumps was an issue. Utilising the Evac sump drain system, the designers could allow the water collected to run underground and back to the vacuum central plant. The area of the sumps could then be enclosed and used as an access route