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European Vacuum Drainage Systems

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Waste Water Treatment


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Advanced Waste water Treatment

Evac membrane bio reactor (MBR) consists of merged intensive biological and ultra-filtration processes. The package waste-water treatment plant is composed of an equalising anoxic tank, an aerated tank for biological process and a membrane submerged in the aerated tank. The effluent us produced by gravity flow or slight vacuum through the membrane so it does not require high energy consumption for effluent pumping.



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Activated Sludge Plant


Effective and reliable waste water treatment is achieved only by correct dimensioning of the technology. It is extremely important to know and be able to control waste water characteristics (concentration, flow, peck loads). Evac's long experience with waste water characteristics and there ongoing research program give us a clear advantage in the field of waste water treatment.



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Grease Separator

Grease, fat and oil can have deleterious effects on downstream waste-water treatment such as filter clogging and decrease in biological treatment efficiency. They also cause odour problems and non compliance towards discharge standards. Grease should be prevented from entering sewage systems by installing an efficient grease separator. Evac Grease Separator has been proven an efficient and robust system in the marine sector.The design of the Evac grease separator follows the standard DIN 4040-1 that defines concepts, nominal size, requirements and testing.