European Vacuum Drainage Systems

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Vacuum Collection Tanks

type 30 hqe



Type 30 Vacuum Plant


The largest standard vacuum plant that Evac produce. It has a 2.9m³ epoxy coated storage tank and comes with a range of vacuum pump sizes. It has 2No. 75mm Vacuum inlets for handling large amounts of sewage. The Type 30 range is used on medium to large Evac projects.


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Type 10

Type 10 Vacuum Plant


The Type 10 units comes with a 1.2m³ epoxy coated storage tank. It has 2 No. 75mm vacuum inlets for handing sewage and grey water. This Type 10 range is used on medium Evac project's.


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MiniVac Vacuum Plant


The MiniVac unit comes with a 0.7m³ epoxy coated storage tank and has been designed for condensate/supermarket systems. The MiniVac comes fitted with a discharge pump which adds flexibility in locating the unit


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Horizon Junior


The Horizon Junior unit is another option for condensate only systems. Its small footprint makes is easy to locate in the ever congested retail market.

Online Flex

Online Flex


The online flex unit is fitted with sewage forwarding pumps. These create vacuum whilst discharging the waste to the sewer. A unit with a small footprint capable of handling black water.


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