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European Vacuum Drainage Systems

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Vacuum toilets

The Evac Vacuum Toilet looks like any conventional toilet but instead of relying on gravity it creates a powerful vacuum to flush the toilet. Water consumption is very low, only 1.2 litres per flush. Because the operation is purely pneumatic, no electrical connections are needed.




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       Condense Buffer Box


Condense Collection Units



The condense buffer box kits are an Evac Interface Unit that has been specially designed with cabinet manufactures to fit discreetly under a supermarket refrigeration cabinets to collect condensate.


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Vacuum Interface Units

Vacuum interface units

The  Interface Unit is similar in operation to the Evac vacuum toilet. The manually operated push button is replaced by an activator, which is triggered when a static head has been built up in the buffer water tank. The whole operation is automatic and once again no electrical connections are required. The Vacuum Interface Unit allows standard bathroom and kitchen fittings to be connected to the Vacuum Drainage System.


The Interface Units are operated automatically, these are installed on the floor in a void space or overhead as per the relevant Evac detail sheet. The unit consists of a, discharge valve, activator, aerator and buffer tank or sump.


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 evac products vacuum collection tanks

Vacuum collection tanks

The vacuum collection unit creates the vacuum for the system. It is the only part of the system that consumes energy. The Vacuum Collection Unit consists of vacuum tank, vacuum pumps, discharge pump and operating control panel. The size and number of tanks and pumps depend on the size and type of the project, number of toilets, frequency of use etc.

Evac have a number of units to suit all types of projects. All units are designed and sized according to the European Norm 12109 Vacuum Drainage Systems and manufactured according to the European and International Standards.


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 evac products wastewater treatment plants

Waste-water treatment plants

Recycling of Black and Grey Water

Vacuum systems also lend themselves to the recycling of gray water. Once again the flexibility of the vacuum system allows you to bring all the grey water from the building back to one location, for forwarding to your treatment plant.

Evac can offer a wide range of sewage treatment plants from biological sewage treatment plants to membrane bio-reactors for recycling gray water to be used as toilet flush and irrigation water or the safe disposal of black water. The plants have been designed to minimize technical problems and to maximize total process reliability.


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 evac products after sales maintenance support

After sales maintenance & support

The Evac product is backed by full after sales services. EVDS are able to offer a range of service packages to suit any project. From the next day delivery of “off the shelve” spare parts to planned preventative maintenance packages.


Full operational and maintenance training is available to owners and customers backed up by full technical support by telephone service.