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All Gravity Toilets Now Evac Compatible

Friday, 09 November 2018 12:36


Evac VacuConvert

Evac are proud to present their new revolutionary Evac VacuConvert wall-mounting frame that enables connection of gravity toilets to our vacuum collection system.


The Evac VacuConvert is a gravity toilet adapter for Evac Vacuum Systems; it is suitable for most standard gravity wall mounted toilets. It has low water consumption, a small foot print and reliable operation.


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evac vacuconvert




New Staff at EVDS

Friday, 09 November 2018 12:11


The sales team at EVDS has been expanded by the recruitment of Jerry Faulkner on a full time basis. Jerry has been consulting with EVDS within the supermarket sector for the past 6 months but will now join as a full time member.

Jerry will continue to maintain the Evac brand within the supermarket sector as well as investigate the emerging markets.

Jerry has been an experienced background in sales having worked in this area for 30+ years.





EVDS in Partnership with Aldi

Thursday, 18 October 2018 10:13


Aldi Pontypridd

EVDS have provided Aldi with their first Evac vacuum drainage system within the UK.


Whilst Aldi in other countries, particularly the US regularly role out stores with the Evac system, the refurbished store at Pontypridd now utilises vacuum drainage to collect the condensate from the refrigeration cabinets. This was also our first UK project using the newly launched “Buffer Vac” vacuum plant. This new innovation gives a small compact vacuum generation plant capable of draining all supermarket condensate waste. The Evac system negated the need to cut into the slab to create drainage channels for the newly positioned chilled section. This lead to major time saving during installation and allowed the store to open sooner than planned.


We are hopeful that more stores will utilise Evac vacuum drainage throughout 2019.




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