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The Hospital Club, Covent Garden


This building was originally opened in 1749 as the British Lying-In hospital and remained one of London’s principle maternity facilities until 1913. It became a military hospital during the First World War prior to being sold for £15,000 in 1919 to St Pauls Hospital. It remained a medical centre until 1992 when the services were transferred to the Middlesex Hospital.


The building set idle and fell into disrepair for over a decade until in 2004 after a joint collaboration between Dave Stewart from the musical group The Eurythmics & Paul Allen co founder of Microsoft re-launched it as a hub of creativity – full of people, ideas, music and life. The Hospital Club was born.

The building includes bars, restaurants, meeting rooms and a full TV studio where many main stream TV shows are filmed.


hospital club


In 2014 and due to its success, the club decided to convert one of the floors that was their admin centre into a 16 room hotel. The design was to create a variety size of rooms and two suites. However with the noise being created from the high energy produced on the areas below, the floor had to be sound proofed to create the right ambience for a hotel. Penetrating this floor to allow for gravity fixtures was not possible, so the public health designer Cudd Bently proposed a vacuum drainage system that would allow the drainage to be lifted to high level and then routed to a pre-built sound protected riser.


The vacuum drainage system caters for all 15 rooms draining the toilets, wash basins and baths. Evac’s range of interface units allows for shower waste collection in both the standard and disabled rooms.The Evac vacuum system does not impact on the aesthetics of the room and blends with the interior designers vision.


Hosp bathroom



Design Consultant: Cudd Bentley

Main Contractor: Prime Developments

M & E Contractor: KM Technical Services

Evac Installer: Kylemore Services

Installtion Date: December 2014